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It gives me great honor to be leading MaSa into 2017, and to be playing a significant role in adding value to the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The future of Saudi Arabia is bright and filled with incredible opportunities as we continue to grow and expand with its national transformation program. Water is a lifeline not only for humankind survival but is also an ingredient for industries growth; although water is scares in Saudi Arabia MaSa, in coordination with its principal stakeholders Marafiq and Saur, continue to make every effort in sustaining the countries water demands.

MaSa has achieved a successful year in 2016, and has continued to demonstrate its commitment to its shareholders. In 2016, MaSa served Saudi Arabia’s industrial, commercial and residential areas in Jubail and Yanbu, as well as starting commissioning plants in Yanbu with world-class quality and standards.

As MaSa is a leading water company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia it takes pride in using the latest and state-of-the-art technology for business digitalization, in 2016 it launched the Cockpit Performance for Operations and Maintenance (CPO) which is a centralized environment that supervises all field activities, and provides detailed data and analysis to improve business decision-making; therefore, controlling its cost. MaSa continues to take leading strides by staying ahead with new technology, it also places substantial priority on its human capital development (its people); in this regard, the MaSa Water Academy was established and launched in 2016, to enhance the employee’s competencies, in bridging the skills gap and creating multi-skilled leaders.

I have an ambitious outlook for the future of MaSa, in not only expansion and growth into new territories but also for its employee’s development. I encourage all to have an attitude of conservation and to make efforts in preserving our most precious resource, which is water.

Hamad Saad Al-Suhaim
Executive General Manager

Hamad Saad Al-Suhaim- Executive General Manager


Hamad Saad Al-Suhaim

Executive General Manager


Jean Noel Viot

General Manager Performance and Reliability


Franck Dutheil

General Manager Operation & Maintenance (Jubail)


Yassin Bakha

General Manager Procurement and Logistics


Mana Saad Al-Mana

Senior Finance Manager


Adel Turkistani

Human Resources Manager


Vincent Valette

Head of Operation & Maintenance- Yanbu