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Integrated system New technology Reliability team CPO (GIS – Modernization) CPO GIS digitization of Potable Water, Reclaimed Water and Sea Water Facility are 100% completed. GIS digitized data field survey verification is on-going with 55% completion, planned for completion in 2016....


MaSa has reached 62 % Saudization as Aug 2016 .

MaSa’s YTD actual direct hire employees is 718 of the total 1,343.



MaSa took over Stage 5 in SWTP9 in 2014; it is an additional 72,000 m3/day treatment capacity with a biological process, anaerobic system (Digester) and sludge-dewatering unit. The two digesters have a total capacity of 16,050 m3 and perform to reduce the sludge production by 20%. MaSa is the first operator in Saudi Arabia to...