Health and Safety

Occupational Health & Safety (OHS)
In pursuit of MaSa vision & mission of development of an innovative model of operation & maintenance joint venture and to become the preferred operator in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Gulf Cooperation Council with guaranteed business continuity and competitiveness, MaSa is committed and endeavors to protect MaSa employees and others who are affected by MaSa business from any undesired occupational injuries & illnesses by controlling business related health risks.
MaSa strongly believes in adopting best international OHS management systems & practices for incident prevention through constant involvement, consultation, motivation and increasing the employees OHS competence through effective leadership, trainings & face to face dialogue communication.
In addition to performing operation in safest structured manner, MaSa enforces stringently permit to work system and risk assessment to control maintenance & contractor activities in the areas under its jurisdiction by provision of advanced engineering systems, safest tools, work equipment and personal protective equipment.
In spite, MaSa being a multinational and multilingual organization, all MaSa employees act as one team having one goal in mind to prevent incidents by owning OHS responsibility and demonstrating commitment of positive OHS culture.