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I am delighted to join Marafiq and to lead MaSa, one of the first Joint-Venture water companies created in Saudi Arabia. It is an incredible honor for me to serve this great company, and to continue serving our domestic and industrial customers in Jubail, Yanbu and Ras Al Khair.

MaSa’s mission is to implement the best international practices in the water business, guaranty business sustainability, and support national economy. To ensure that we achieve this mission, our focus in the next year will be on following: Reducing the operational risk and minimizing operational disruptions, treat and supply potable and seawater cooling water, and collect and treat wastewater efficiently and effectively whilst managing the regulatory compliance requirements and cost optimization and waste reduction.

Additionally, we will continue to contribute to the kingdom’s 2030 vision by supporting the national economy through Saudization and improving local workforce competencies whilst ensuring that our environment is preserved for future generations. Furthermore, we will continue to provide our existing customers with the best services, and aim to increase our customers’ base by enlarging our scope and extend our services towards bigger communities and industries.

The health, safety and wellbeing of our employees, contractors and visitors will always remain a top priority in MaSa. We will remain committed to prevent injuries and illnesses and eliminate accidents in the workplace. We will ensure that the work activities are performed efficiently and in safe manner, and continue to provide the appropriate control measures, such as PPE and appropriate tools and equipment, to safeguard work activities. In addition, we will maintain a constant safety awareness to achieve our goals and drive a positive safety culture through communication with all employees at all times.

With the year 2019 already upon us, I would like to thank you all for your hard work and achievements in 2018 and remind you of the new challenges and opportunities awaiting us in 2019, which requires your continuous hard work and commitment to achieve.

Hamad Saad Al-Suhaim
Executive General Manager

Hamad Saad Al-Suhaim- Executive General Manager


Hamad Saad Al-Suhaim

Executive General Manager


Jean Noel Viot

General Manager Performance and Reliability


Franck Dutheil

General Manager Operation & Maintenance (Jubail)


Yassin Bakha

General Manager Procurement and Logistics


Mana Saad Al-Mana

Senior Finance Manager


Adel Turkistani

Human Resources Manager


Vincent Valette

Head of Operation & Maintenance- Yanbu