O&M Excellence


A virtuous cycle to improve efficiency

Cockpit Performance for Operations and Maintenance (CPO) was created and serves as Quality Assurance for MaSa O&M. It manages and monitors quality control and quality assurance systems and there integral standard operating procedures, as well as other quality documents to provide high-quality outputs and services to fully satisfy customer needs and expectations.

MaSa believes that quality control and quality assurance are essential parts of quality management. Quality control is focused on fulfilling quality requirements, whereas quality assurance is focused on providing confidence that quality requirements are fulfilled.

CPO ensures that the quality systems correspond with the company business objectives and business model. Top management commitment and its active involvement are critical in ensuring adequacy, suitability, effectiveness and efficiency of the quality systems at all times.
CPO Back Office
MaSa CPO Back Office are consisting of three sections namely Reporting and Analysis, Geographic Information System and Encroachment Permit Section.

Encroachment Permit
The section ensures safe working conditions and protection of Marafiq utilities from any damages during the construction activities by the customers for any Encroachment in the Industrial City of Jubail.

Reporting & Analysis
Reporting helps MaSa to monitor the performance of every business unit on monthly basis by providing the Contractual obligation reports to the stakeholders while analysis interprets this information and provides recommendation on actions.

Geographic Information System
GIS centric view of managing MaSa resources will not only address the aging infrastructure but also the complexities of other challenges like Quality, Maintenance of Assets and expansion of network.
Our major challenge is to reduce operating cost and increase their revenue, while maintaining customer satisfaction at the same time. We are always under pressure to cope up with rising service demands with population/urban growth.

CPO Front Office
The Front-Office is refers to the front part of the company, visible for the clients, Management and in direct contact with them. The Front-Office is the BRIDGE of communication and the first defense of our company. It consists of two sections namely MaSa O&M 24/7 Helpdesk and Scheduling.

Scheduling is utilizing to facilitate the proper maintenance of equipment and assets. It created to set out a clear plan with associated schedule so that the management and employees can accomplish the goals based on Marafiq Saur business needs.
The benefits of having a Scheduling:
Time Management : By creating a detailed plan or schedule, an individual or equipment are able to keep track of what needs to be done and ensure all required duties are performed.
Maintain Budget : Effective scheduling, a Management can determine and monitor the budget
Real Time Scheduling :Develop schedules via integrating all activities into one comprehensive plan and linking it with SAP CRM.
Mobility ( Future) : this tool will enhance the responsiveness of the filled worker, reduce the time which spent during verbal communication then enhance the customer’s satisfaction.

MaSa O&M 24/7 Helpdesk
The Helpdesk is represents the front office functions that interacts with Marafiq Saur valued customers. It is the processes that allow our company to be the liaison of communication between MaSa and Its valued Customers.
The benefits of having a MaSa O&M 24/7 Helpdesk:
24/7 Customer Support.
24/ 7 Monitored the Facilities thru SCADA.
Monitoring company’s vehicles and employees driving thru GPS.
Geographical tagging of outage thru GIS.
Each interaction with the customer (Internal and External) is recorded and stored within the SAP CRM where it can be retrieved by other employees or department if needed. CRM is valuable tools can be organized the job of agent, enhance the communication with business units and provide immediate information for top management once they want.

Helpdesk Hotline: 013-340-3333
Dispatcher line: 013-342-9382


Reliability as part of CPO will bring a reliable product to O&M using a process focused on analyzing, designing-out or mitigating potential failure modes prior to production release, based on an understanding of the physics of failure, testing to discover issues and statistical analysis methods for reliability prediction. CPO can open up many opportunities for Marafiq-Saur Company who want to move beyond securing a basic offering to the marketplace, and create a true competitive advantage in which reliability plays a critical role for customer satisfaction.

MaSa Management is now on the stage of finalizing the Reliability Personnel team.
Reliability Section had established.
Reliability KPIs.
Reliability Section facilitates different RCA activities since it was started.
Reliability Section has conducted orientation to all facilities explaining what reliability is all about.
Reliability Section is now taking charge of the equipment Condition by doing Condition Based Monitoring.
Reliability Section is now taking charge of the Cathodic Protection System of different structures, pipelines and tanks.
Reliability Section is now on the stage of assessing the assets and management.
Reliability Section had been established and following the 10 Bad Actors in operations.
Reliability Section is now following the evaluation of equipment and replacement planning.

Reclaimed Water

With 2 majors waste water treatment plants (industrial and Sanitary), the Reclaimed Water Business unit is producing the irrigation water for landscaping in Jubail community Area in accordance with RC Standards.
The industrial plant is collecting 100,000 m<sub>3</sub>/day of waste water flow from approx. 50 industrial petrochemicals customers and remove with advance treatment (Fenton, Lamella clarifier) the pollution.
The sanitary plant is collecting 130,000 m<sub>3</sub>/day of waste water flow from Jubail Community Area and Jubail town representing approx. 1,000,000 domestic customers and treat this waste water flow with biological treatment in addition to anaerobic system (Digester).
The main challenges in the next coming year will be the implementation of new technologies and change management to increase the reliability of the plant and ensure the compliancy of the outlet discharge regarding the RC Standards irrigation.
New Projects for expansions are ongoing and will be expected to be commissioned for both plants in 2020.