Technical Support


Up-gradation of Potable Water Pumping Stations
The MaSa Technical Services Department expert team has developed a Potable Water Pumping stations Up-gradation proposal, by developing the Hydraulic model and through the installation of VFDs, Pressure Surge Vessel and Jokey Pumps.


Power consumption saving, due to the pump operation management with VFD.
increased network life and also minimize pipe breakages.
Minimize water loss due to pipe breaks.
Reduce network down time and improve network availability.
Minimize repair and maintenance cost, material, labor, etc.
Reduce customer complaints due to non-availability and bad quality water.
Power Factor Correction for All Facilities at Jubail
MaSa technical experts have worked on assessing and evaluating the current power factor of major equipment's for all the facilities and recommend ‘Power Factor Correction’ which will have the following long term benefits.


Reduced power consumption cost or charges by SECEC.
Increased load carrying capabilities In existing circuits.
Reduced power system losses.
Reduced carbon footprint.

Technical Expertise

Modification and Up-gradation of Chlorination System IWTP-8
MaSa determined a cost effective solution to upgrading the existing chlorination systems at IWTP-8.

Main features:

Up-gradation of existing chlorination system to meet future demands.
Provide solutions to Business Units for short term demand.
Technical modifications in the existing systems to improve performance and effectiveness.
Optimize chlorine consumption and improve FRC level in the final effluent


Hubert Lederc Ammonia Treatment SWTP-9 Assessment and Recommendations
MaSa worked on the high ammonia concentration in the filtrate water which was coming out of the Digester and Belt Press and then mixing with the raw sewage for further treatment.


The effluent water enrich in ammonia concentration deteriorated the Plant Aeration system and further effected the final effluent water quality, which violated the Royal Commission Environmental Regulations.
It was not anticipated during the plant design stage how to handle and treat this higher concentration of ammonia.


The Technical Services Department provided recommendations to upgrade the existing control systems and integrate state-of-the-art technology, i.e. Bioprocess Intelligent Optimization System (BIOS).
It is an efficient and cost effective solution and required very minor modifications.